What this Boolady did

This is a place where you can post things that are reminiscent of what a Boolady would do.  I'll start you off.  Keep in mind it doesn't always have to be nice stuff.  Remember that Scout could be ornery.

I always keep a $25 gift card for a grocery store in my wallet. Last week, I was shopping and there was a young mom with 2 kids that were in the deli department taking effusive liberties with the free samples. The clerks looked the other way and it was obvious that the samples were probably their lunch. I remembered I had the gift card so I went over to her and said, "You dropped this." and pushed it in her hand.  She hesitated, squeezed my hand very hard and said, "Thank you." It reminded me of when Atticus thanked Boo (though he called him by his proper name, Arthur, since that's what gentlemen do) for saving his children.  It was a simple "thank you" but it spoke volumes for both of us.

Here's another one.  When people get their photos in the paper, I cut out the photo, glue googly eyes on it, and give it to the person just to make sure they don't get too big for thier britches.

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